What is Street Food?

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Street foods changed….a lot

That’s a good question, and you are going to get slightly different answers depending on who you ask. So let me try and break it down and explain street food, what it is, how it has evolved in the UK, and what you can expect.

Originally street food was precisely that food served/sold to passing commuters from small make shifts stands or carts on the streets or roads for instant consumption. On the main, there is no fixed location made from bricks and mortar like a restaurant. Predominantly set up by traders/caterers who wanted to start a small business very much on a budget. Due to the much lower set up costs and fixed running costs the food from traditional street food spots was cheaper, less fussy, and frequently very humble food offerings.

Although I used pass tense above on the whole in countries like China, India, Vietnam, and many more street food still resemble the above description. However, in the West, things have changed dramatically from when street food first originated in ancient Greece and Asia. In today’s modern UK, we experience entirely different street food; in fact, there has been a revolution. It has been turned on its head and stands for something different. Street food has become fashionable with small independent business owners creating funky, audacious food concepts that have captured the imaginations and excites food lovers. Now a point of destination for many food lovers street food is officially on the UK map. Yes, traditional restaurants are still popular as ever with the likes of Nandos, Wagamama, Zizzi, etc. but street food is targeting a different experience. An independent feel, a genuine love for the product, quirkiness, and of course, daring menus and food concepts. The UK has fallen in love with street food.

No longer small stands or carts in the streets, but well planned and organized events bringing independent caterers and small businesses together to provide their unique food concepts to food lovers.

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So what can you expect from street food stands/caterers?

There is evidence up and down the UK to suggest you can expect on the whole great food. New food that is a bit quirky, not the norm and the theatre to match. Yes theatre, no real street food caterer can go without some theatre, showing off their trade their skills and compiling their menu in plan sight. That is what gives street food that 10% extra, you see caterers cooking and serving you fantastic food.

So keep your eye out for street food events, street food caterers and treat yourself to something new and quirky, after all, you deserve it.

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