Veganism is it just a phase?

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We want what’s in fashion, the latest trainers, clothes, brands etc. and yes food can also be fashionable or in trend. So is being a vegan a fashion phase?

Looking back 2 to 3 years, I don’t think many people knew what ‘vegan’ was, now you’re hearing about vegan menus, read blogs, and people are saying they are on a vegan diet. But is it here to stay, or will we forget about veganism in a few years?

Firstly, I think you need to understand what being a vegan is about and what makes food qualify as vegan. So a vegan diet is eating food that is 100% plant-based, nothing to do with animals. That’s no meat, dairy, eggs, fats, animal-based oils etc. in your diet.

So why be a vegan?

There are three main reasons why people are turning to vegan diets.
Number 1 – Disagree with having to kill or harm an animal to produce food for humans
Number 2 – You believe eating animals is unstainable and producing animals for food consumption harms the environment.
Number 3 – You believe there are health benefits by committing to a vegan diet.

Going back to “is it a phase”, people are more conscious of what they do and eat more than ever before. More significant numbers of us have started to make more conscious decisions, so maybe society is not as bad as people make out and we do care about ourselves, our environment and planet.

Besides the giant corporate wheels of big business have well and truly got ‘veganism in their sights. Its a USP (well just about) and has that ‘caring’ label that most big businesses want to associate themselves and their brands with.

So maybe ‘veganism’ is here for a bit longer than we first thought and is not just a passing phase. Having tried being vegan for three months, I have lots of respect and love for those who can commit. It’s not easy shedding life long habits and reprogramming yourself, but the good news is it’s not impossible. Yes, I slipped up here and there, but I enjoyed planning my meals and creating different dishes I may not have usually tried.

Maybe the balance is in the middle, it’s ok to have treats and meats but adding healthy vegan meals to your weekly menu won’t do anyone any harm long term.

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