The Perfect Patties – 5 Top Tips

The burger has to be Britain’s number one fast-food still today despite the emergence of Britain’s love for exotic street food from around the world. 

No matter how fluffy your bun is, how fresh & crisp the salad is or the fact you have melted the cheese. The most important element to any burger is the pattie. But what makes the perfect pattie for your burger? 

Here are our 5 top tips on what makes the perfect pattie for your delicious burger. 

  1. High-quality meat – This goes without saying, but we still see low quality frozen patties being used. OMG, you can’t expect to have great food with inferior ingredients, the pattie has ooze flavour and taste amazing. So good quality meat that’s not frozen, please.  
  2. The fat ratio of 80/20 – Fat is essential, in fact, fundamental. Most people completely miss this and think the pattie should be 100% pure meat. It would help if you about had about 15-20% fat in your pattie; this will ensure your patties are not dry. But instead moist and succulent and full of flavour. 
  3. Make a thinner pattie – The average burger pattie in the UK is about 6-7 oz, any more than that then, it starts to enter meatball territory. Patties that are big or thick tend to overcook the outside before managing to cook the inside. So here the trick, why not have 2 x 3/3.5 oz patties for your burger. Cook them fast and hard to ensure they stay moist and juicy. There are a few famous eat-outs that alway serve 2 x 3.5 oz patties. 
  4. Don’t Keep pressing on your patties when cooking – The meat should not be probed of pressed, so if you take a spatula and press down on it, the juices will spill out. It drives me crazy when people push the burger down, pushing all the fat out along with the flavour & taste. You’re left with a dry burger. 
  5.  Let the meat rest – Once you remove the patty from the grill or the griddle, let it rest for at least five minutes. This allows the pattie more time to cook on the inside. It also enables the juices on the exterior redistribute within the patty, allowing for maximum juiciness when you take that first bite. 

That’s it, not rocket science, just good ingredients handled with love & care.  

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