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Quirky !

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Why settle for anything less

Fact, event catering does not have to be boring. Why settle for the usual boring menus served without any love or passion? If your looking for  mobile caterers with that quirky Street Food menus you are in the right place.   

We have spent the last ten years working hard to develop our menus and concepts to deliver fantastic mobile street food menus. In 2019 Kwackers duck burgers won best Street Food Burger at the Hampshire Street Food awards.

From Indian to duck

From epic Indian to OMG duck burgers, our menus do not conform to the norm. Pizza Fries, Nacho dogs, curries with a British twist and much more will leave your taste buds and mind blown. We have created menus that are genuinely out of the box.

We only purchase our ingredients from reputable suppliers and where ever possible we source locally in Hampshire. Our burgers for Kwackers and Da Burger are produced and developed by a local butcher.


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Kwackers - Best Burger

2019 has been an amazing year, which was capped Kwackers winning best burger 2019. The Hampshire street food awards are designed to showcase the achievement's of some of Hampshire's finest caterers & producers.

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Voted number 1 for food & drink

Yum Street are proud to be part of the catering team at the Ageas Bowl. In 2019 the Ageas Bowl came first for food & drink for both domestic and international cricket events. An exceptionally rewarding achievement due to the high standards set by all the grounds, up and down the country.

Yum Street -
Best Customer Service

2020-2021 best customer service award for service to customers

Yum Street -
Best Street Food bsuiness

2022 - 2023 best street food business on the South Coast

No Rules

This might sound strange but basically street food does not have any rules. “Stick with me” 

Street food never was about “the proper way” to do it, its always been about individuals sharing their love for food. Doing things their way, then sharing that with as many people as possible. There is no right or wrong way, no official dish that represents street food. Nor does it have to be served form a food truck or small stall on the street.

It has evolved and become so much more. In fact street food is about being unique, quirky, brave and fun loving. That is what people are looking for and want. Something that oozes passion and does not try to copy or get inline. 

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