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Whether you’re heading out to meet friends, doing a spot of shopping, on your way to work or just hanging out, you’ll undoubtedly be familiar with food trucks. Those delightful aromas and the mouthwatering sights of freshly cooked grub that has you salivating and digging deep for that precious change. From burgers and pizza to paella, churros, curry, vegan, African cuisine, etc. the food offered by food trucks is as varied as the designs of the trucks themselves.

But food trucks aren’t just to be found in busy town and city centres – they can be found at most private and public events too. We’re a shining example of this, having provided award-winning event caterers and amazing pop street food for private events for the last ten years. We bring some very tasty options from all over the world to the people, with real street nosh prepared by those with a love for food.

Who Says Street Food Has to Be Boring?

We certainly don’t! Street food is what you make it, so if you want to be boring, then that’s on you. But take inspiration from what’s around you and the things you love and look for. We spent a great deal of time mulling things over, and our own inspiration led us to create some fantastic menus served out of eye-catching food trucks. Whether you’re in the mood for an epic Indian or an OMG duck burger, you’ll find it at one of our food trucks.

There are also pizza fries, nacho dogs, curries with a British twist, and much more. We offer something for everyone with taste sensations that’ll blow your mind. And it’s not just about creating mind-blowing tastes either; everything must be sourced and prepared with love and care. Use the best ingredients (locally sourced if possible) from reputable suppliers for a game-changing experience that’ll solidify your place in food truck legend.

And make sure your truck looks the part – this is almost as important as the food itself!

Dressed for Success

How many times have you been swayed by the way a food truck looks? Let’s be honest; you’re more likely to choose the truck that looks all modern, done up and fancy over one which looks like it could fail a health inspection. At Yum Street, we serve all our food from our fantastic vintage street food vans – each one stylised to match the grub on offer. Not only will your customers get a kick out of the truck AND the food, but you’ll also look the part at private events, such as weddings.

Available for Hire

Speaking of weddings, the Yum Street team are available for hire! After all, it wouldn’t do us much good if we kept all this delicious food to ourselves. And we aren’t just available to attend private events either; we can cater for corporate events too! There are so many reasons why you’d want to hire us for a corporate event; here’s a few:

  • Impress Your Clients
  • Increase Sales
  • Market Your Business or Brand
  • Celebrate Achievements
  • Say Thank You to Your Team
  • Boost Morale

And before you ask whether our food trucks are right for your event, know that we’ve catered for countless businesses over the years. These include Dixons Carphone, Ageas, DoubleTree by Hilton, Unity 101 Community Radio, Trent Bridge, The National Grid, and many more. All our food is cooked live on-site and served to your guests from street food vans AND quirky pop-up stands. And we cook the food exactly the way our customers would like it if they were at a street food market.

There are some great value catering packages for each of our concepts with different cuisines from around the world available. Whether you’re celebrating a wedding, birthday, anniversary, corporate event, or something else entirely, a food truck serving quality street food is just what your event needs. And we can attend events all over the country too – how great is that?

We feel that street food is more than just food – it’s a product of passion and desire to create something special. There’s no doubt about it; food trucks aren’t just for the streets – they are for any occasion.

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