Exotic Street Food Ideas for Corporate Catering

Street Food for Corporate Catering

Is your company organizing a product launch party? Or simply holding a small get-together upon successful project completion? No matter what the reason is, the food game at your corporate event should always be at the top of the rankings.

After all, it is the food that will keep your attendees engaged throughout while making your event memorable and successful.

Therefore, to assist you to level up your food game, we have curated a list of top street food ideas to include in your menu.

Duck Wraps

Featuring shredded duck with cucumber salad and hoisin sauce, the duck wraps are the perfect option to entice your guests. The duck wraps are served in a lightly toasted tortilla. These wraps stand out for their unique crispiness, which makes them a sought-after fast food option for private events.

Beef Burgers

Yes, this is it. Delicious and juicy, the beef burgers are served with toasted brioche buns and tasteful beef patties. These burgers may or may not be seasoned depending on the choice, thus, ensuring your guests’ great customization as per their taste choice. Furthermore, they are an epic option which is apt to be included in all-season menus.

Tikka Kebabs

Tikka Kebabs are an all-time favourite for corporate catering. Since these are made in some surprising varieties, they also allow adaptability to suit your guests’ taste buds. Grilled with vegetables, meat pieces or sometimes even fruits, along with tasteful spices, tikka kebabs are a delicious addition to your corporate parties’ menu. They are typically served with soft bread and are topped with chilli flakes and sauces.


Let’s take some time out to appreciate this appetizing street food option. The preparation for hot dogs involves spices, fillers, binders, and meat. One great thing about this street food is that it is super simple and quick to prepare. If your guests are crazily hungry, hot dogs can pacify them quickly and without any fuss. These are served in soft and fluffy brioche rolls and are further complemented by a range of savoury toppings for a flavourful experience.


Pasties are truly nourishing. These are uniquely delicious and are made in a variety of fillings. Typically, these are filled with onion, rutabaga, pork and potato and generously buttered for enhanced fillings flavour. Additionally, they are baked golden brown for a flaky look which is also attributable to offering them a crispy taste. The flaky crust combined with hot filling turns into magical pasties. Including pasties in your menu is worth an option, it will definitely bring a smile to your guests’ faces.


Encapsulating the mind-boggling Indian taste, these spice-rich curries have a separate fan base. Served hot with basmati jeera rice, this dish is a classic addition to your corporate catering idea. Moreover, available with an array of exotic options to choose from, these curries will never fail to impress your guests. Spicy to mild, rich to light, these Indian curries offer great customization. Also, they can have different preparations depending on the type of curry you choose, whether veg or non-veg.


So, there are tons of ideas for corporate catering. Choose from the aforementioned exotic options to give your staff and other guests something new to feed on. These street food ideas are sure to leave an everlasting taste in your guests’ mouths.

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