Creative Catering Ideas to Make Your Event Memorable

A distinctive gastronomical platter is one of the keys to your event’s success. With amazing food, your event can become the talk of the town. To ensure that everything runs smoothly and your event becomes memorable, don’t forget to customize your party food as per your guests preferences. To do this, though, you’ll need to choose a reputable food caterer, with whom you can brainstorm to come up with endless creative ways to make your event great.

Below are the top creative catering concepts from leading UK caterers and food suppliers. Let’s explore what makes these catering concepts unique.

1. Food Trucks

The food vans for functions are a fantastic concept because they offer your event a completely fresh feel. To entice your guests, handpick from the various and exotic local street cuisine. Having a food truck set up at your event will give your visitors a chance to socialise and mix while also introducing them to a range of dishes to enjoy. You have a variety of options, from small snacks to ice creams, when it comes to food trucks. Furthermore, it will distinguish your event and bring innovation, unlike typical food settings.

2. Tapas

In this age of fusion, People prefer blending different dishes on a single platter. This is where tapas comes into play.

A type of cuisine known as tapas enables you to serve small plates together with extra foods like snacks, appetisers, and drinks. Further, they can also be paired with seasonal treats to delight your guests.

3. Taco Parlor

Having a taco parlour means letting your visitors express their culinary creativity. Customers will be able to choose from a variety of tacos at a self-serve taco station at your event. Because it is self-serve, you can count on greater guest participation.

Simply give the taco parlour the tacos’ outer shells and the essential toppings, and each customer can then personalize their taco to their liking.

4. Popcorn Stall

Setting up a popcorn bar serves as the best after-dinner treat for your events. Especially if you are hosting a movie night, popcorn stalls are your go-to choice. Cinephiles love to grab a bite of popcorn while binging on their favourite movie. As a bonus, you can also provide a range of sweet and savoury toppings to please your guests. This would turn out to be the biggest hit in your event.

5. Wraps buffet

Create a fun wraps buffet to give your upcoming meeting, get-together, party, or event a fresh spin! Any occasion is a fantastic fit for wraps. Wrapped in delicious bacon and flavour, even the savviest guests will be wowed by the wide choices of wraps.

Catering Ideas According to Events

For Christmas Party:

Catering for Christmas parties can be a lot of fun. You can choose between a traditional turkey dinner, Christmas cookies, or festive cocktails, depending on your visitors’ interests.

For New Year Party:

It’s a new year, and you must keep something that is ‘new’ to your guests. So set up specific party menu that lets your guests try something new that is foreign to their tongue.  For your New Year party catering menu, variety of beverages, chicken wings, or mini pizzas will be a great idea.

For Annual Celebration:

 An annual celebration denotes something highly pompous and opulent. As a result, you must select an annual celebration catering menu to take your event to the next-level. The best choices that will let your guests experience delicious meals are finger foods, pastries, and beverages. The best action you can take is to include something to your catering menu that will remind your staff of something sentimental of your company.

Points to Remember

To guarantee the finest guest experience, any event needs to be planned with some prudence. When booking catering services for your event, keep the following things in mind:

  • When planning the menu, take your guests’ tastes and dietary preferences into account.
  • Include seasonal specialities on the menu.
  • Make sure to include sufficient food choices in your menu.


If you want to create a memorable event, consider the creative catering ideas mentioned above. Plus, don’t forget to provide interesting serving options and theme suggestions as well to spice up your event.

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