Award winning



We bring the street food!

We do amazing pop up street food for private events

Private Event Catering  |  Festival Catering

Award winning


We bring the street food!

We do amazing pop up street food for private events

Private Event Catering  |  Festival Catering

We Bring the Street Food

Private Event & Festival Catering

Our food concepts

Cornish Pasty


we cater for all events

What we do

Yum Street are mobile event, street food caterers, providing catering services at events of all sizes form large festivals to smaller private events like weddings, birthday, corporate events, private parties and more. Based in Hampshire, Yum Street cater at events all over the country.

We love street food and catering at events, Yum Street really delivers our passion for event catering. But we just like one type of food we genuinely love street food from all around the world. So Yum Street is about catering all kinds of foods from Indian to hot dogs we have developed menus and brands to deliver real street food concepts to events.

How it works

We have created great value street food event catering packages for each of our concepts. Simply pick the concept that specialises in the menu you would like and book and pay for the service online with our easy 3 stage booking process.ย ย 

Once your done, why not used the hash tag #justbookedyumstreet to tell your friends and family what street food delights you have in store. Watch the excitement build.

Yum Street Food

Some of the festivals & events we have catered at
Glastonbury Food
Download food
Carfest Food
Rewind Food
Love Supreme Food
Bearded Theory food

Epic Indian Street Food

fresh from the grill

Wham Bam Tikka’s Kebabs are amazing !

Event street food catering for everyone

Not all burgers are the same !

Everyone Loves Burgers

Great quality meat patties + fluffy buns + fresh salad = Amazing Burgers


Duck Wraps


Amazing shredded duck served in a lightly toasted tortilla with our cucumber salad and hoison sauce

Kwackers Duck Wraps

Tikka Kebabs

Wham Bam Tikka

Grilled Tikka Kebabs served in a warm soft naans bread topped with both chilli and raita sauce….amazing !



Taste of India

Indian Curries hot served stright form the pan with freshly cooked jeera Basmati rice.

Amazing Curries

Duck Burgers


5oz minced duck patty served in a brioche bun with a slice of chedder cheese, hoison onions and cucumber salad…Amazing !ย 

Kwackers Duck Burgers



Pork sausages served in a fluffy brioche roll and topped with amazing toppingsย 


Street Food Hotdogs

Beef Burgers

Da Burger

2 x 3.5oz juicy beef patties served in a toasted brioche bun with two slices of cheese bacon and fresh salad

Beef Burgers


Cornish Pasty

Proper Cornish pasties baked perfectly for a golden pastry and hot fillings.ย 

Proper Cornish Pasty


Meatballs & Loaded Fries

Juicy meat balls cooked to perfection in a pizza sauce and served on thin fries and topped with hot cheese sauce.ย 

Meatballs and loaded fries
Yum Street

Planning a private event, looking for caterers?
No matter how big or small your event is we can help

Private event catering

ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  You can now pick the catering package that suitsย your event and book usย online within a few clicksย 

They all our food

We love making people happy, here what some clients say about us

Harry Landa

"Huge thank you !"

- Harry Landa
Ram Kalyan

"Amazing taste, exceptional service"

- Ram Kalyan
Brendon O'boyle

"Love these guys."

- Brendon O'bolye
Pretti Patel

"Exceeded my expectations! ".

- Pretti Patel Stanley

Let's eat.

If your planning an event or manage a event and need some amazing street food caterers, get in contact we love to talk food…..

Or call us : 07590 670405